LocoLdn Big shout out to “HOUSE FOOL”

HouseFooL is a female producer from South London, she makes all genres of house, no two tracks are the same.HouseFooL has won 2 remix competitions in the last 2 weeks and had 3 tracks signed this year, she has been in the industry over 10 years, staring off with behind the scenes running labels, then onto djing as The Vinyl Vixens, before making the natural progression into producing,

she also makes jingles and adverts for radio, check them out at www.soundcloud.com/theadvertpeople 
HouseFooL (formerly known as Lisa C) is currently being asked to do remixes and spends any spare time working on her own tracks.

Hear HouseFooL's music at www.soundcloud.com/HouseFooL-Music



this is the HouseFooL remix of “I’m still standing” by Anything but Monday”, it’s currently in a remix competition on mixcity.com so if you could mention that and get me some votes that would be cool 🙂
And this is the HouseFooL remix of “Parties” by Senya Frost, it won the remix comp just last week and is being released on the Parties EP in August on New Politics Records 
And finally this track is my own track called LooN CaLL, currently being signed, it has 6 remixes, by Jack m Danny, Oliver Rees, RadioKillaZ, Dots per inch and more ….