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LocoLdn weekend random finds…Enjoy.

Amazing Speed Finger Painting I saw this guy in malaga! It was incredible, we bought 8 for 30 euros. He charged €6 for two €10..Bargain.

June 09, 2014 Art, Loco TV

Must watch…Wu-Tang Clan’s secret album unveiled

Must watch…Wu-Tang Clan’s secret album unveiled The glorious box containing Wu-Tang Clan’s secret album unveiled in Marrakech, followed up by a trip to a studio

June 06, 2014 Art, Loco TV

Street art Feature “Space Invaders”

LocoLdn street art Feature “Space Invaders”  The Space Invaders have hit London three times, 1999, 2003 and 2006 – they’ve converted pixels into tiles and

June 03, 2014 Art

Banksy Street Art Pieces Reimagined with LEGO by Jeff Friesen

Photographer Jeff Friesen‘s latest project features well-known Banksy works reimagined in everyone’s favorite building block, LEGO .

June 01, 2014 Art

David Walker

Street artist David Walker paints freehand using only spray paint. Walker has developed a signature style of multi-layering using mark making and scrawled lines. For

May 22, 2014 Art
UK Street Art interviews Kilo

Kilo Sinstars, FBA

UK Street Art interviews Kilo, a graffiti artist that first started painting back in 1984 and he’s been heavily involved in the game ever since

May 19, 2014 Art
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